Jupiter Business Consulting

Jupiter Business Consulting

Jupiter Business Consulting concentrates on consulting for various subjects like QMS (ISO 9001 & TS16949), EMS, OHSAS, TPM, TQM, Lean-Six Sigma.

Our approach towards consulting will be totally different. We don’t believe in following or copy pasting Japanese, American & German models. We believe in customizing requirements based on the present 6M conditions of the organization.

We always start our activity with a “Diagnosis of the present situation”, let it be for ISO, TS, TPM, TQM or Lean Six Sigma. Diagnosis pin points the gaps from present state to intended state (where you want to reach). Based on these we suggest prescriptions to escalate performance from present level to next higher level. This ensures greater level of sustenance.

Wherever we have worked sofar, the internal teams were able to quickly grasp the concepts, implement it successfully & enable results. Within six months, the teams start managing without our support.

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