Jupiter Premium Placement

Jupiter Premium Placement

Jupiter Premium Placement concentrates on posting right people on the right job. Being a premium placement services, we offer one to one care to all candidates registered with us.

We operate placements in two modes,

1. Paid by candidates

2. Paid by companies

Using paid by candidates we were able to provide candidates to companies at “Zero cost to companies”. When candidates pay the charges, there are some additional advantages like,

  • Candidates evaluating the profile properly prior to joining
  • Very good response from candidates from introduction stage till joining & later on.
  • More or less zero attrition, as the candidates understand the value of the job as they have paid
  • Paid by candidates also ensure less bureaucracy from the companies, hence selection time is minimized.

We also ensure whatever the amount paid by the candidates are returned back to them through referral scheme. End of the day it becomes a “Zero cost to company” as well as “Zero cost to candidates”, as the candidates earn it back when they refer candidates from their circle.

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